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The Romantic Fanatic review of “Turbulent Passion….which is FREE on all ebook sites.
“I don’t think I’ve ever read a book more appropriately named. Book 1 of the Flyboy Trilogy is the story of playboy, airline pilot, Captain Lance Miller, who has been dreaming about a green-eyed Goddess since he was a teen. As fate would have it, he unbelievably meets a green-eyed Goddess, Lisa Price — a flight attendant with the same airline — in the flesh. What follows is a turbulent, highly passionate relationship.

This story is filled with likeable — and non-likeable — characters, laughter, emotional ups and downs, and a frightening encounter that brings them closer together. I was teary-eyed at the very turbulent ending.
I cannot wait to start book 2.”

Recommended for mature readers only.

Love this review of “Burning Desire” which is on sale for .99 cents!

“I began reading Book 2 of the Flyboy Trilogy immediately after posting my review of Book 1 Turbulent Passion. I was eager to get started after the emotional ending of the previous book and read it in less than a day. I can’t do an in depth review here because it’ll reveal too much of the story, but suffice it to say that if you read Book 1, you must read Burning Desire. This story has even more emotional turbulence than Turbulent Passion. As they are easy reads, each book can be read in a day or two, depending on your schedule. Again, for mature readers only.
Now — on to Book 3!”

“Crosswind” the exciting conclusion of “The Flyboy Trilogy.” Thanks for the review The Romantic Fanatic!

“This final installment of the Flyboy Trilogy did not disappoint and delivered on so many levels. In the continuing story of Lance and Lisa, we are introduced to Lance’s half-brothers — the younger, Derek, and the older, Max — who’ve not seen each other in years. We also meet more of Lance’s buddies from his Air Force days. Let me tell you, when a story can kick your butt, you know it’s a hell of a story. I laughed, got frustrated, mad, cried, and of course, hot and bothered (over the steamy sex scenes). I found myself yelling “No!” and “Why?!” at the characters. I even wondered sometimes if there would be a happily ever after for any of the characters when, once again, tragedy and heartache strike. I wanted to read it for 24 hours straight to get to the end! In conclusion, just know that family and love are very powerful motivators. Read this book (mature readers only).”