Love this review from “With Love From Books”:
Rachel is sick and tired of always being the single one. She sends out a prayer
to find her someone to grow old with. Her best friend takes her to a rodeo and
when Rachel sees Brooks she’s sold. It is love at first sight. Finally she has
found her other half. Rachel is ready to love her cowboy forever.

Brooks knows he has found his future wife the second he
looks at Rachel. He is everything a woman could ever ask for. He is sweet, kind
and gorgeous. He loves Rachel very much and it isn’t long before he asks her to
spend the rest of her life with him. Life is looking great until a devastating
tragedy strikes.

Rachel is heartbroken and doesn’t know how to overcome her
pain and sadness. After sixteen years of picking up the pieces and taking care
of herself and her son tragedy strikes again. What she has to endure is the
nightmare of every parent. Will they have the strength to stand tall and face
what is coming head on?

The Strength of Love is a beautiful and heartbreaking story
about love, loss and second chances.
I can’t remember ever crying so much while reading a book. This story really
touched me and moved me in many different ways. Rachel is so strong and shows
enormous strength. I was really proud of the way she handles everything that
happens to her and her loved ones.

This story does have some very serious subjects, but it also
shows how the sun will be able to shine again if you just keep believing. I’m
very sure that The Strength of Love will touch your heart just as it has
touched mine and this story will stay with me always and forever.