Thank you, “A Page to Turn Reviews”!
“This book will test your faith. A story that just about anyone could read and relate to on all levels of life. This was my first book by Ross, and I will definitely be picking up more.

Rachel, the MC, is set up to face many challenges during the course of this story. It’s not easy, and it’s not pretty. This book portrays life to it’s core. It’s about as real as it gets. This book had me all over the scale emotionally as I fought for Rachel and what she wanted right there beside her – and cried with her when things just weren’t going smoothly. The character development in this kind of story is important, and I felt like I lost a friend when the book was over. The pace got a little slow at times, but there was enough happening to keep me captivated, I easily got pushed through to the end and loved every second.

Ross writes in a way that is almost poetic, I found myself enjoying her writing style just as much as I enjoyed the book/story itself. Very interesting and romantic. Highly recommend. “